Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Give Handmade this Holiday Season

Here are a few gift ideas from some of my favorite artists. I've filled my house with pieces from these talented creators and it brings me joy! Whether I'm drinking my morning coffee or laying in bed talking myself into leaving my blanket cocoon while escaping to the lands depicted in the paintings on my wall, my life is truly enriched by art and I believe it's the best gift to give OR receive (just in case I'm on your shopping list)!!

Lisa's batiks are stellar!

Can't go wrong with Shannon's cool cuffs.

A Smartie necklace from Katy LaReau is another wise choice.

My very  favorite cups come from Gail and I just got an amazing spiky yellow vessel for my kitchen too. If you're in Portland this weekend, check out Gail's open studio.

Kristy Lombard is another of my favorite ceramic artists. Check out her Portland store front.

Some of my absolute favorite necklaces are by Rebecca Bashara.

Give the warm fuzzies with a cozy gift from Pandemonium Hats.

A clutch from Fiveleft is hand made to have and to hold. Love it! 

I hope I've given you some good gift inspirations. But more important than that, I wish you a happy holiday season full of warm hearts and overflowing with memories of love and laughter!

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