Tuesday, November 26, 2013

From Vacation to Inspiration

A few shots from my recent travels. I was off seeking sunny, sultry and spicy inspiration in the tropics but am back in the studio now and ready to create. Vacation is all fine and well, and I definitely soaked up some sun and did some much needed power lounging but I have to say I really missed making things! Here are a few shots from the road and a few lessons I learned along the way:)
Though I'm never fond of selfies, I'm including a few to show that I packed exclusively Melanie Grace Designs. Product testing was successful. My backpack was tiny and I was as cool and collected as one can be in 90 degrees and 70% humidity. 

 You will definitely be seeing the influence of this futuristic Singapore skyline in my next collection. Such a cool city in so many ways!

Lessons from the road number one; more is not necessarily better as seen on the bicycle rickshaws in Melaka.

Unless you are talking more lights, then go to town! Love the flare!

Second lesson; comfort is key. Super plush, extra large seats on the Malaysian "deluxe" buses and extra comfy travel clothes by MGD!

Lesson number three; think big! Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur.

Number four, take it one step at a time. Getting pumped up at the bottom of the 272 steps to the Batu Caves.

The rest of the steps. We did make it!

Number five, keep your eye on the road and always pack leggings. The leggings came in handy as we climbed in altitude to the Cameron Highlands and the temperature plummeted. Skirts make the best hiking gear!

The incredibly verdant vistas of tea! Inspiration to spare!

Lesson 6; never shop on an empty stomach. Fueling up with a chanterelle and enoki mushroom omelet before diving into Chatuchak Market in Bangkok.

15,000 stalls covering over 35 acres and guess what I found, shoes! That's me behind the other frenzied shoe shoppers. Oh yes I did buy a pair of punk rock spike flip flops! See them on the art show circuit summer 2014!

Last and best lesson from the road. Keep things in perspective, don't lose sight of the big picture and always make time to relax. Life is beautiful!

P.S. I cant forget to include a shot of my favorite travel companion and on the fly photographer.

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  1. You guys rock!!! Amelia was soooo excited to see your pics.