Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Well, not really. We actually have some major winter storms heading this way but I wanted to give you a few peeks into the Spring 2012 Collection that I've been working on. For all of us northerners who survived those excruciatingly short days, I know you understand the importance of a vivid imagination. Here's to us and to the returning of the light, drawn out days and sun kissed skin!

I am loving this new little raindrop print skirt. It's great with a solid top.

Or perfect for mixing prints.

This "splatter" skirt is fun as a black and white ensemble.

Or to give the expression "that outfit looks painted on" a new meaning with a positive spin.

Pink and red is always a fun color combo in my book.

But I love pink and green too!

I'd better get back to sewing before the snow arrives because I'm planning on taking off a few powder days. Even if winter days are short, if they are a fluffy brilliant shade of white, then everything looks a little brighter. So hip hip hurray for all the little flakes! Ha, you know what I mean.

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