Friday, January 27, 2012

A Report from Inside the Snow Globe

I love it when the snow flies especially when the flakes are huge and downy. The view from my living room makes me feel like I'm inside a snow globe. Ever wonder what the little people, in the little house, inside your snow globe were up to? Why making dresses, of course. Here's my report from the inside:)

This blue spiral lace over a cream lining reminds me of the intricate frost patterns forming out on my front step. That might be a nice reminiscence while wearing this on a hot summer day.

Everyone love a LBD. Why? It makes you look fabulous and put together with so little effort. It's the embodiment of no thought required, simple, savvy, sleek dressing. Here's my version the LBLD (little black lace dress).

I'm getting close to being ready for the full collection photo shoot. Can't wait to see these on the models!

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