Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art in the High Desert

I just got back from Art in the High Desert. It's a beautiful show in Bend, OR with an absolutely fabulous array of artists. Here are a few of my favorites.

I first met Liang Wei many years ago at one of my earlier art shows. I'm always impressed by the beautiful simplicity of his compositions. Check out some of his cool trees here.

Carla Fox is one of the masterminds behind this awesome show and she's an amazing metal smith to boot. Check out her work here.

Vicki Fish's booth was right across from me and I got to spend the entire weekend admiring her fun and funky mixed media creations.  I have a feeling one will live in my house one day soon:) See them here.

Look at the brilliant colors that Gail Pendergrass achieves in her sculptural porcelain creations. I now have a new favorite mug that fits in my hand as if it were made just for me!

Whare Heke carves! These pendants are incredible. The detail and labor that goes into each piece is astonishing. Also, his lovely wife Ann was one of my favorite customers of the weekend. Every outfit she tried on looked stunning. I have a lovely new model:)

Julie Simpson weaves the most sculptural 3-D textiles that are truly unique and original. I have two of her scarves that I hang in my studio for inspiration. On top of that she also paints! Look at these groovy artworks

Part of the joy of being a traveling artist is the friends you make and the community that you create. Ted Gaty is an official member of my artist community. He's a generous soul with  a heart of gold.
My husband Chad is always talking about the inherent beauty in the grain of a board and wanting to haphazardly hang various pieces of wood on the wall. As you can imagine, he really loves how Ted's work takes that idea to the next level.

Jill Mayberg's playful paintings embody fun on canvas.