Friday, July 29, 2011

Snapshots from an art show

I wanted to share a few scenes from my weekend at the Bellevue Festival of the Arts.

 It truly is a glamorous life. Here's our rockin' after hours nightlife scene. Yes, knitting and e-mail, party on!

Katy Lareau makes super fun, bright and whimsical glass creations. She also is an outstanding model and I get visitors to my booth all day who say "I saw this dress on Katy and she looked so fabulous I just had to come and try one on myself. "

I collect paintings of trees and loved these by Jennifer Phillips. She also paints miniatures for pendants. Very cool!

I loved the paintings by Lisa Lamoreaux. Her bumble bees want to see the world just like me:)
I will have one on my wall one day soon!

Lisa Telling Kattenbraker with her amazing batiks. Her work is really fun and quirky. I have one in my dining room and it always makes me smile:)

Michele Raney creates the most exquisite enamel jewelry I've ever encountered.

I also loved these paintings done on recycled doors, by muluk.

Here are Katie, Shannon and I, happy to be off of our feet and celebrating a successful weekend.

These are only a few of my favs. I hope to share more fun art and artist soon.