Thursday, December 8, 2011

Handmade Christmas!

Do you want to support the arts and artists? Buy handmade gifts this year! I want to make it easy for you. Here are a few things, from $4-$690, that I'd put on my Christmas wish list.

I love this art print by Rebecca Kemp. Buy it here.

This felt turntable applique would jazz up your giftee's beanie. Buy it here.

Have a foodie on your list? These are perfect for jotting down gastronomical inspirations.
Buy them here.

You can never go wrong with jewelry and Rebecca Bashara's is finally available on etsy!
Take advantage here.

Any pets or pet lovers on your list? That's one hep cat! Buy it here.

Some one please get me this!!! A new way to curl up by the fire in a cozy sweater, I'm in.
Buy it here.

Everyone needs fried egg potholders. How have we lived without these?

My husband would love this.

Love these! I wear mine all the time. Each milagro has a special signifigance so you can customize your choice.

This would be perfect for your best girlfriend who always knows what to say.

A great mug works for everyone.

Here's another.

Need more ideas? Check out etsy treasuries. Here's my latest.

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