Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cutie Cousin

My adorable cousin Heather came over from Iowa for a visit last week. I hadn't seen her for about 15 years and it was so great to meet again as adults. I've always thought she got lucky swimming out of our family gene pool with the tall/beautiful/smart genes and that she would make a fab model. So we threw together a quick impromptu photo shoot with a few new designs. 

Here's Heather in the "sugar" dress.

This is the "waterfall" top in black with the gold version of the "bird on a branch" skirt.

The "aqua polka" skirt.

I've been getting requests to do more of these so here's the first print in a new batch of capris.  

Here we are ready to go out on the town:)

We took a road trip with my mom and my two aunts to see my other aunt and my grandmother in Helena. Here's my mom driving w/ her eyes closed and my aunt Helene looking frightened!

This is all of us together in Helena, MT. Thank you Grandma Grace for having such a crazy gaggle of daughters and grand daughters! And thank you to my mom and aunts for being such strong women and great inspirations. Love you!

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