Monday, June 13, 2011

Better Patterns

How lucky am I to have a wood shop at my disposal? Not to mention my own personal woodworker who's pretty sexy to boot. Stop me now before the funky background music starts up and we end up with "nympho in the wood shop". This post is not about an adult film people!! It's about Chad making a new and improved version of my most used and abused (oops, we're going there again) patterns. 

Here's the sheet of 1/8" mdf we'll use. Chad can't help but smile for the camera:) He's embarrassed to be so dirty but spent the morning out felling trees to stock up the firewood stacks for next winter.  

We traced my paper patterns on to the mdf then used 3 saws, count them, to get them down to size. First the table saw.

 I'm trying really hard not to be distracting. I really love those hands. 
Next comes the hand held circular saw.

And number three is the band saw.

Then the fine tuning is done on the edge sander.

We looked out the door at one point during the process and there was a giant (they all seem giant when you get a close up) moose looking in at us. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough on the draw to get a shot of him. I was actually working too, not just taking photos. Though, I do have to admit, I left during the final sand down and went for a bike ride. What can I say, it was a beautiful day and I'd been sitting inside at the sewing machine for far too long.

I haven't actually tried these patterns out so off  I go to do so now.

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