Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have clothes, will travel.

Trunk shows are one of my absolute favorite ways to get my work out in the world.  
 Here are a few reasons why.

Beautiful women having fun playing dress up.

Seeing my clothes bring smiles and women happy in their bodies is inspiring and reminds me why I spend hours sitting at a sewing machine. Hearing feedback about how the clothes feel and fit really informs my design process. 

Fights!!! over dresses!!!

I get to drink wine while working AND eat.

There's time for lounging and everyone gets to receive and offer opinions.

 Even the babies have opinions.

As you can see trunk shows are also much more intimate than an art show and give me a chance to have a real conversations. After months of hermiting out in my studio that's a true delight:)
Thank you so much to everyone who came and added to the fun! You are what keeps me creating.


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