Friday, March 18, 2011

Shannon Miranda Fine Art Jewelry

If you see me out on any given day I will probably be wearing jewelry by Shannon Miranda. She is one of my absolute favorite jewelry designers and a dear friend too. Her work has a distinct personality that makes it shine and draw attention from passersby. I always get so many compliments and inquiries when I wear one of her pieces. Her designs are so charming and truly unique just like Shannon herself.

Shannon also knows how to wear my designs like no other and when I do get the pleasure of seeing her it's likely she'll be donning an MGD original. She definitely works her signature style into every outfit, the shoes (I've seen her closet ladies and it is drool worthy), the accessories, the sass, she's got it all in spades. She always looks totally put together, fabulous and fashionable.  When I need a muse Shannon often comes to mind, she's truly an inspiration.


  1. Woah that second one with the blue stone is super cool. Is it a long pendant?

  2. Thanks for featuring me Melanie! I'm super-duper flattered by all you said about me (blush)... :)